I started collecting typewriters quite recently, January of 2011. In this day and age, where everything is digital and when all I do at least 10 hours a day everyday, for both work and social stuff, is sit in front of a computer--these old world machines hold an undeniable charm for me. Here is my small stable of these beautifully analog yet exquisitely complicated mechanical devices.




  •  Royal Quiet Deluxe (Serial# RA 3047596) c. 1950s
  •  Smith Corona Sterling (Serial# 6SS21284) c. mid to late 1960s
  •  Olympia SM-3(Serial# 1347301) c. 1959 
  •  Olympia SG1- (Serial# 7-92360(7)) c. 1961
  •  Royal FP (FPS-6831313) c. 1959

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