Tuesday, August 30, 2011

spaced out... and out of space.

i miss blogging! things just keep happening in my little [analog] world and i always want to update my blog with it but like most people these days, i just can't seem to find the time. there's always something or another that keeps me away from my blogs to the point that i don't even visit them anymore. i always make a mental note to do an entry sometime soon but soon doesn't come and as time passes, i eventually lose the habit. then it gets harder to blog... or even write in my journal.

i recently read one of my old diaries from the 80's to my husband because there were several entries in it about him. we had a good laugh reminiscing the silly things i thought as a teenager and the nonsensical things we did and it just struck me. that i need to get back to the habit. it just feels so good to remember!... to remember the time, places, flavors, even old outdated verbal expressions. suddenly, journalling and blogging felt important. it IS an important activity and i should take time to do it. what if i lose my memory one of these days?

so here i am again trying to get back to the habit. of course, there's no better way to do it than putting to good use the typewriters and pens i already have. i also have to remind myself that no matter how inconsequential or unimportant a thought, a thing or a happening might be, 20 years from now, it will become a jewel that fuels my time machine.

welcome to my workspace, in all it's messy glory. in the foreground on the left is a gray Royal FP. the one on the right is a green Olympia SG-1. the typer in the far left is a 2-tone burgundy and gray Olympia SM3 that types cursive. i bought this from Ebay months ago but it just very recently landed on Philippine shores.

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