Saturday, January 29, 2011

my first EVER typewriter

oh yeah, did i mention gunk?

some scuffing and paint droplets on the top


oh look, Touch Control...

love the metal ribbon spool

will be cleaning this to get crisper letters and open holes on the o's and e's

it was these metal keys that made me really want to take this home despite the non-working carriage... which i did repair anyway. yes, i repaired it myself. :-D


  1. hurray for google! i think i even found a scanned copy of a 1977 Reader's Digest issue on cleaning the typewriter. I just got bitten recently of the typewriter bug and tomorrow, im digging out my lolo's old Hermes Ambassador that got drenched during Ondoy. If i can restore it, my aunt says I can have it, which means I'll have something from the granddad I've never met. yes I'm excited. And hopefully it will type too.

    and now for the reason I commented (sorry I digressed), did you know that the Royal Quiet De Luxe is Ernest Hemingway's typewriter of choice? There's still one sitting at his old house in Key West, which they turned into a museum. Just so you know you've got one special typer there.

  2. Hi, I have the very same Typer and it's oh sooo sweet. It is virtually noiseless and is in perfect shape. I bought it for 30.000 chilean pesos (US$65) from this man with a small tent in the largest flea market in Santiago. He had thoroughly cleaned and oiled it, so it works flawlessly. After it I have gonee back and bought about a half dozen machines from him. My last acquisition is a lovely Hermes 3000, also in perfect shape.
    I think I'm in love with this guy, hahaha.

    Cheers and beware of typewriter craze. It's highly contagious ;)


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