Fountain/Dip Pens

After I got hooked to typewriters, another kind of writing instrument caught my attention. This bug is worse since pens are easier to find - there is an abundance of modern and vintage ones. There are many brands and many varieties in all sorts of price range. Best of all, it does not present the space issue that collecting typewriters do. In the short span of time that I have been collecting them -- I bought my first one around the first week of February 2011-- these are what I have. They came so fast, I haven't even gotten the chance to blog about them. Will update links as I get to write some of reviews or stories.

  • Parker IM Basic (blue, fine nib) - the first pen i ever bought and started the collection
  • Tiantan 219/Youtian (swirly colors, unknown nib)
  • Youth 208 (green, unknown nib)
  • Pilot 76G (5 pcs - 2 blue greens, red, green, black) 3 fine nib + 2 medium nib)
  • Pilot Birdie (aluminum body, fine nib)
  • Lamy Safari (red with black clip, M nib)
  • Parker 45 Flighter - (steel body, F nib) - out of production but since this is probably from the 90's or 2000's, it can hardly consider it vintage.
  • Muji Fountain Pen ( aluminum body, F to M nib)
  • Lamy 2000 (black, platinum plated gold nib, customized but originally Broad)
  • Schneider Zippi (orange plastic with rose design, unknown nib)
  • Parker 75 Cicele - out of production (sterling silver body, 14K gold M nib)
  • Lamy Safari (pink with chrome clip, EF nib)
  • Rotring Core Balium (silver barrel with orange print, orange and pink cap, XS nib)
  • Rotring Core Lysium (silver barrel with pink print, mint and gray cap, XL nib)
  • Rotring Core Tecnor (black barrel with gray print, mint and gray cap, XL nib) 
  • Inoxcrom (stainless steel body, gold trim and nib, iridium tipped F-M nib, engraved with "Edgardo Clemente", given to me by Ate Rho :-))
  • Rotring Core Rexor (silver barrel with blue print, blue and light blue cap, XS nib)
  • Rotring Core Tanakor (silver barrel with red print, black and white cap, XS nib)
  • Rotring Artpens set (1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm in a metal tin box which also includes an Arkansas stone for nib grinding)
  • Rotring Initial (dark blue acrylic barrel, silver cap, F nib)
  • Rotring Artpen Lettering B nib (comes in a tin box with 3 cartridges)
  • Lamy Safari (limited edition orange with chrome clip, M nib)
  • Pilot Prera (lime green, F nib)
  • Lamy Safari (yellow with black clip, M nib)
  • Rotring Esprit (tourmaline green, F nib)
  • Rotring Core Rubidium (red body with red and black cap, XL nib)
  • Noodler's Nib Creaper - ("pumpkin" orange with black marbling, flex steel nib)
  • Noodler's Nib Creaper - ("cardinal darkness" red with black marbling, flex steel nib) 
  • Lamy Safari (limited edition 2011 Aquamarine, M nib)
  • TWSBI Diamond 540 (clear demonstrator, F nib)
  • Lamy Vista (clear demonstrator, M nib, 1.1 italic nib)


  • Esterbrook SJ (red marbleized, 2668 nib) - this is my first vintage pen
  • Parker 45 (Custom - Olive green body, gold cap, X nib)
  • Pilot AM77G2 (peach body, gold cap, F nib)
  • John Bull Deluxe - circa 1910 - (black hard rubber (BHR), 14K gold fine to medium flexible nib) my oldest pen thus far
  • Hero 329 (dark teal body, stainless steel cap, vintage, repaired, gifted by friend Ime Oranga)
  • Hero 330 (black plastic body, gold colored plastic cap, vintage, gifted by friend Ime Oranga)
  • Parker 61 (surf green, 14K gold nib, 12K GF cap, working ink mechanism, damaged shell assembly and barrel, needs replacement, gifted by friend Ime Oranga) 
  • Moore ringtop small ladies' BCHR (black chased hard rubber) with  flex 14K gold nib engraved with The Moore Pen #2. has initials B.E.R. engraved on the gold ringtop trim.
  • brandless 'black and pearl' with visulated section, 14K gold flex nib, lever-filler circa mid-1930's
  • Esterbrook J (blue, 9550 nib)

Dip Pens:
  • J. Herbin glass pen
  • Brause Calligraphy Starter set
  • Brause Ecritur set  (contains 3 nibs, Rose No. 76, Steno 361B, and L' Ecolier 65B)
  • Brause Bandzug dip nibs (1mm, 1.5mm 2.5mm)

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