Saturday, February 11, 2012

the impressive TWSBI Diamond 540

sometime in December of last year 2011, i found out a good friend was coming home from the US. so, as usual, i had to ask if he can do me a favor and bring home a small item for me. when it comes to pens, it is usually a simple and inexpensive matter to have it shipped directly to me but i could not order this pen myself since the Ebay site of TWSBI won't ship to the Philippines. i usually do not even order from sites like this (i can't help but feel a bit slighted) because i do not think it is particularly problematic to ship to here. i have done it many times with no issues thus far. however, i had to make an exception with this pen. judging from all the reviews and from an earlier version, the TWSBI 530, which i have seen from one of the penmeets here, i KNEW just *had* to have one.

even the packaging was impressive.

Link it looked expensive and well-made. (but it costs just US$50.00 before shipping). i also find those 2 clear, plastic "anchors" that latches the pen very securely in its box pretty cool. there was even a wrench and a small bottle of silicone grease underneath that white hood. impressive, eh? and that is because this pen can be completely disassembled for cleaning (and i suppose, for parts replacement if needed) see it on my unboxing video down below or click the link to watch on youtube.

once you get it inked up, you fall even more in love with it because, being a demonstrator pen, it displays a lovely ink color very well. i loaded it up here with one of my most favorite, the Pilot Iroshizuku in Yamabudo color.

you can already probably guess by how gushy and enthusiastic i am about this pen that not only does it look good, it writes smoothly too. my nib here is an F and i am in love with it. i have a feeling it will stay for a long time in my daily pen arsenal.

*** my unboxing video ***


  1. Very impressive pen. I need to add one to my want list.
    Nice post.

  2. Very nice! I hadn't heard of that model before, but now I'm willing to check it out!

  3. I am going to share this happiness, and order right away. I have original Pilot Vanishing Point, which I bought in 1981, and it is fine, and I never could write with it. But a Sheafer Fine Italic, I have no trouble with. I hope it comes in Italic. I like your ink color, too. I need a similar color. I have Apache Sunset, but haven't used it yet. I am Native American and French, with an Irish Grandmother thrown in for spice. Hope I can get the Pilot a new home and get a translucent pen. My Pilot came with a mechanical pencil, but my nerve damage is such that it is too thin for me to hold. I seemed to have read that TWSBI started by designing a ball point pen for injured or weak hands. I think I have a couple around here somewhere. So I definitely trust them. Thanks for the wonderful demo and post. It will get me moving.

  4. hi guys! thanks for leaving me a comment :-D i'm happy you like the post. it IS a very nice pen and i'm pretty sure you will like it too once you get a hold of it... (i don't get anything from TWSBI saying that! they probably don't even know i exist :-)) but i just love it!

    Nadine, the pen has good barrel thickness. my hands are smallish but i like writing with thicker pens too because i find them less tiring. it will probably work for you too.

    Rob, i posted this on a facebook album too. first time someone commented on the photography so i appreciate it a lot :-D thankees!

    have a great day all!

  5. Very nice photography and a great post! The pen user in our household is somewhat envious.

  6. Beautiful photos! I*two* TWSBIs at this point, both a 530 and a 540, one medium nib, one fine. Both have been great, reliable pens with a very nice ink capacity. The 540 in particular holds a ton of ink, and it's fun to watch the ink slosh around in there.

    Gosh, that Yama Budo is gorgeous!

  7. TWSBI Diamond 540 is the great pen to use. The packing of this pen is really well. The look of this pen is very attractive.
    custom pens

  8. Yes, I second ur opinion. I've owned mine for over a year now and stopped looking for fountain pens bc this is such a good everyday workhorse.

  9. I hate to spoil the general enthusiasm for TWSBIs, but watch out for the notorious cracks...


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