Thursday, February 3, 2011

number two

1957 ad for the Remington Quiet-Riter on the National Geographic magazine

Check out the typewriter in this movie. It's a Remington Quiet-Riter ;-)

... and i'm showing you this because...

from a 1956 magazine ad... mine is Mist Green :-)

from a 1954 magazine ad

oh look, they have installment payments, too...

another 1956 ad from a mag

1957 ad on the National Geographic mag

1956 ad on the Saturday Evening Post


  1. Hahahahahahaha! Classic story that probably most of us can tell about ourselves: "Found a typewriter, thought it was neat, started doing research, found 'Typoshere', started collecting typewriters..." And then you added the classic thought that maybe you'll stop collecting soon and sell some off. I can tell you from experience that this probably won't happen. Nope, you're showing all the signs of an addict...

    ...Welcome to the club!

  2. hahaha! i actually appreciate hearing stories of other people with the same addiction. it really offer some consolation that one is not alone :-D

  3. Excellent entry!
    Welcome to the typosphere! (does this sound eery?)

  4. It didn't take long after my son was born for me to justify my collection as a legacy to someday hand down. Just like the train set I got for Christmas one year was for me, and not for the nucleus of the sprawling, basement-hogging model train world my dad eventually expanded it into.

    You'll find that the typewriter addiction never really ends. Machines may come and go, but years from now you will still be snapping up typers, perhaps for no reason other than you didn't like the looks of that other guy who was eying it at the thrift store.

  5. If anyone would like to see the Howl movie, I just looked it up since the preview was lovely. Watch it below:

  6. P.S. I have to point out another machine that made a camio appearance in the movie at approx 22 min 39 sec... because its my own model and love the Smith-Corona sterling :)

  7. Shordzi, thanks for dropping by my new blog :-)

    Machines of Loving Grace! my eyes almost popped out when I saw this. Your website is my fave, I'M practically a stalker there. Best all around reference for educating oneself on these wonderful old writing machines. Your site is my go-to place, right beside my Ebay window, when i hunt around for something i can squander what little content my wallet has.

    Ryan, i knew i have to watch that movie in it's entirety. thanks!

  8. The question whether having two (or more) similar things that serve the same purpose makes a collection is exactly what I was wondering in my own blog post. It is gratifying to see someone thinking the same way as myself. It doesn't happen, often. Then again, my coworkers don't understand the allure of the typosphere.

    At the moment, my "collection" consists of four Remingtons. I wouldn't hesitate to add another, particularly if I could find one with a script or cursive typeface.


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