Friday, February 25, 2011


the following typecast is sort of outdated by now considering that many new things have already happened in my little analog world. i'm posting it anyway since I have already typed and scanned it a week ago but didn't find time to properly post it. will be blogging more soon on some of my latest typewriter, pen and paper addiction developments. i do have to mention first that i have been sinking deeper and deeper into an inky quagmire since my last posting about a couple of weeks back, but more on that later.

Luis Store is closed on Saturdays. make sure to go on a weekday.

my very first fountain pens. first on the left is the Parker I.M. with a fine nib. The teal pen is the fine point Pilot 76G. Next to it is the green Youth 208 pen and the other one has Youlian on the clip but has Tiantan 219 engraved on the body.

this is how my Smith Corona Sterling looked when i got it from the store, fresh in from an old warehouse haul. but first time i laid eyes on it, i knew it would be a looker after i clean it up. i was right. works perfectly now, too.


  1. I'm a big fan of these photo-typographic travelogue posts.
    And to hear reports of your successful typevangelism warms my old heart.

  2. I agree, a typecast travelogue is the next best thing to being on the hunt myself. Thanks for a little taste of Manila. The pens look beautiful, and the Sterling is a good find -- excellent typewriter. May you and your friend enjoy swimming in the "inky quagmire."

  3. That sterling is prettier than my 1966 one. I enjoy your posts too. I need to carry a camera with me more often.

  4. awwwwww... thanks for the visit guys! i didn't think this entry would be read much since it is quite long. i usually try to keep the entries short. so glad you liked it! :-)

    thanks duffy moon, richard p., and notagain!

  5. Pets just looove typewriters! Greetings from miauw to woof!


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