Thursday, January 27, 2011

the first typecast

yes, it is not perfectly typed. the grammar's not perfect either. just like life, it's not always easy to go over and redo something you've already done. that is probably why i get a kick out of this.


  1. I recognize all the symptoms! You are officially diagnosed with typewriter fever :) Don't worry, all of us have gone through this exact same thing, and it usually leads to the acquisition of at least ten typewriters in rapid succession in the first few weeks... and many more thereafter. When they are cheap and plentiful and no one else wants them, why not? You'll soon find a way to restrain yourself... when you run out of space - have fun!

  2. Hi Adwoa! you're so right, i got that fever bad. good to know i'm not alone :-D i'd probably be getting more if they were cheaper here and if there were more variety. alas they are not and shipping from Ebay just kills the wallet! being in the Philippines, halfway around the world from most sellers is the only hindrance. otherwise, you're right, i'd probably have more by now :D

  3. You're o's and e's are in desperate need of some cleanup! :) A firm bristled toothbrush is a great choice for routine cleaning (I do a quick brush each time I sit down). Some careful work with a toothpick, q-tip, and gentle cleaning solution would be a good start though.

    But welcome to the typosphere!


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