Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hello digital world

the earth is flat.

i can now go all over the world in seconds, or minutes, depending on how fast my broadband connection is. i can be practically anywhere on earth, learn anything, and view anything within the confines of the smooth, 23-inch, diagonal span of my FLAT-screen computer monitor in an instant. yep, just like that.

that is how the earth has become flat. practically anything now is digital and easily accessible. not that i don't appreciate it because i do. really. however, since this is so, we have also become multitasking, impatient people who expect everything to happen in a snap. and when we can get from here to there so quickly, we lose some of the flavor somehow. just like instant coffee. oh, snap!

this is probably the reason why i find everything non-digital increasingly charming... alluring... irresistible... fascinating... satisfying. hence, i create yet another blog to express my thoughts, via words and more importantly, with images. not that anyone is interested. or, maybe someone WILL find it interesting just like how i occasionally go through someone else's blog and find tidbits of someone else's thoughts that jive with mine. it doesn't really matter. either way, i just want to say hello to the digital world and show how some things analog just simply make me happy.

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