Monday, October 10, 2011

my one other analog passion...

... is scrapbooking! you know, the paper-photo-scissors-and-glue kind of crafting. these days, there is also digital scrapbooking but i usually sit all day in front of the computer being all digital at work, just like most everyone, and doing some personal designing with good old scissors and glue is just it for me. digital just doesn't turn me on the way traditional scrapbooking does when it comes to archiving my memories. perhaps this is because scrapbooking equates to playtime for me and digital would just feel too much like work. (that statement excludes social networking and blogging, of course :-))

crafting is something that i have always loved doing since my college days but scrapbooking is one of those things that have bitten me hard since around 2003. i have a separate blog for my scrapbooking thingamajigs, but i just thought i'd share these pages on this blog too. here's a couple of layouts about a two of my most intense analog obsessions: typewriters and vinyl records. these are 12" by 12" pages. i used the Olympia SG-1 to type the short journaling for these so they probably qualify as a typecast too :-)

they're supposed to be part of a series of 4, fountain pens and cameras are the other two, but i haven't gotten around to doing those yet.

so there... just thought you might like it. you can click on the photo to enlarge them for more detail. thanks for viewing!


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